Numerous Fungicide Options a Boon for California Peach Growers

Brown Rot on Peaches

Brown Rot on Peaches

The University of California’s IPM Guidelines list 37 fungicide products available for controlling diseases in peach orchards. Major flower, foliar and fruit diseases of peach include peach leaf curl, shot hole, brown rot, powdery mildew and rust. The key is to select the best fungicide product with the broadest spectrum of activity against these pathogens and time the application at a critical stage.

“Fungicides are the most effective and safe way for managing diseases of cling peach. Fortunately, there are numerous choices because multiple fungicides with different modes of action (MOA) are registered for each disease. This may appear to make a decision more difficult, but having multiple active ingredients available allows for competitive pricing, development of highly effective management programs that target problematic diseases at individual orchard sites, and resistance management. …In recent years, many active ingredients have become available as generic products under different trade names. This has further increased the complexity but also allows for reducing fungicide costs to the grower.”

Author: Adaskaveg, J. E.
Affiliation: UC Riverside
Title: Effective and Economical Management of Flower, Foliar, and Fruit Diseases of Cling Peach
Source: Orchard Notes. January 2014. Pgs. 2-4.

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