Moldy Oranges Not Acceptable in Europe

Green mold and blue mold

Green mold and blue mold

Green mold is caused by a fungus which is ubiquitous to all citrus growing regions. Spores of this organism are airborne and large numbers are produced by the fungus on the surface of infected fruit. These spores will contaminate the packinghouse and its equipment, storage rooms, transit containers, and even the retail marketplace. Spores accumulate in water used in drenches and soak tanks. The fungus survives in the field on soil debris and produces spores that infect split and injured fruit in the tree and on the ground.

“Satsuma mandarin, one of the most economically important citrus crops in Izmir (Turkey). The most widely grown cultivar is primarily exported to European markets. Postharvest green mould caused by Penicillium digitatum and blue mould P. italicum are the most significant postharvest diseases of Satsuma mandarins. Control of the postharvest decay of mandarin is most commonly achieved by applications of synthetic fungicides.”

Authors: Yildiz, F., et al.
Affiliation: Department of Plant Protection and Horticulture, Ege University, Turkey.
Title: Effects of preharvest applications of CaCl2, 2,4-D and benomyl and postharvest hot water, yeast and fungicide treatments on development of decay on Satsuma mandarins.
Source: Phytopathology. 2005. 153:94-98.

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