Insecticides Prove Necessary for Managing New Invasive Stink Bug

The brown marmorated stink bug is native to Asia and was introduced into the US in the 1990s. The stink bug feeds on many orchard crops, small fruit, grapes, vegetables and row crops—particularly in mid-Atlantic states. Developing long-term control strategies takes time, which makes the immediate use of insecticides necessary.

“Damage in apple in the mid-Atlantic region inflicted by H. halys (brown marmorated stink bug) resulted in losses in excess of 37 million dollars in 2010. In addition, H halys is a serious nuisance pest in residential areas because it uses human-made structures as overwintering sites.”

“Because the brown marmorated stink bug is a newly established invasive pest in the United States, insecticides will play a key role in managing this pest on various crops at least in the short term. Indeed, the use of insecticides has substantially increased in commercial orchards because of the damage inflicted by H. halys and subsequent economic loss in the mid-Atlantic region.”

Authors: T.C. Leskey, D.-H. Lee, B.D. Short and S.E.Wright
Affiliation: USDA Agricultural Research Services, Kearneysville, WV
Title: Impact of insecticides on the invasive Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae): Analysis of insecticide lethality.
Publication: Journal of Economic Entomology. 2012. 105(5):1726-1735.

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