Want Cranberries from Oregon? Growers Have to Attack Fungal Rots

Cranberries are subject to infections by pathogens that cause rots. These pathogens are controlled with fungicide applications. Under cool, wet spring conditions the disease problem worsens, requiring additional sprays.

“Statewide, the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service on Aug. 14 projected Oregon’s 2012 cranberry crop at 400,000 barrels, up 11 percent from las year’s 361,000 barrel crop.”

“One drawback for Oregon growers this year has been rising production costs, as growers increased fungicide treatments to avoid losses to disease. Donaldson and Anderson [two Oregon cranberry growers] said they applied between one and two additional fungicide treatments, as a cool, wet spring triggered heavy disease pressure. … ‘For years, I escaped by doing minimal fungicide treatment, but this year we had to attack (the diseases),’ Anderson said.”

Author: Mitch Lies
Headline: Cranberry growers keep an eye on spotty yields.
Publication: Capital Press. Friday, August 24, 2012.

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