Denmark Leads the World in Spinach Seed Production Thanks to Modern Crop Protection

Denmark is a world leader in production of vegetable seeds that meet very high quality standards and are exported to growers around the world. In order to grow a high quality seed crop economically, Danish seed growers use herbicides to control weeds and fungicides to control plant diseases. Recently, an assessment was made as to whether Denmark can maintain its position as the leading spinach seed supplier, and the results show…

Can Denmark keep the position as the biggest spinach seed producer in the world?

  • Yes, if Denmark is allowed to use proper herbicides and fungicides
  • Yes, because Denmark has good climatical growing conditions for spinach – good soil, sufficient rain and long days
  • Yes, because Danish farmers are highly skilled and have top mechanization
  • Yes, because Danish seed companies have very good processing facilities
  • Yes, because Denmark has a very good infrastructure
  • and… Yes, because Denmark will fight for it!

Author: Henning van Veldhuizen
Title: Can Denmark keep the position as the biggest spinach seed producer in the world?Presented at: 2011 International Spinach Conference, October 3-4, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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